​Learn to play on a grand piano * 2 big recitals each year *personalized programs


    All levels, beginners to professional (RCM to ARCT, singer-songwriter, recording artists).  

Lessons are held in a spacious studio equipped with a grand piano and wonderful acoustics.

Technique based on the authentic and fabulous 'bel canto method' of singing. Regardless of the style of music that you want to sing, come see what this wonderful method can do for you! Vocal health, control, increased range, breath control and vocal ease throughout all the registers are just some of the benefits of this centuries-old method. Our top instructor Kirsten Pelchat has taken many complete beginners and assisted them into pursuing careers in opera, into becoming recording artists (from pop to country) and into becoming professional singers. She has also worked with many well-known artists and helped them - in just a few short sessions - to overcome technical issues that they had struggled with for years. Learn to free and optimize the voice you were given!

Please inquire today for a personalized program recommendation.


  Absolute beginners to advanced level. RCM exams up to Gr.9.

All piano students learn to play on a grand piano (NOT a keyboard).

Our curriculum is structured, consistent and very fun!  

Music Theory & History: 

 All levels.

Acting, Speech & Dramatic Coaching:

All levels.

Audition monologue coaching * speech delivery * corporate presentations


All levels, from beginner "how to write a song" up to professional collaborations with established artists.

Tuition Rates:

 From $25 to $50 per half hour, depending on the field of study and instructor. Weekly lessons run in an annual session each year, from September to June.  ​Payments are monthly and pro-rated to the start date.

​---  Summer lessons are also available  --- ​